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B-ONE Hercules Carbon 2WD GT Electric Skateboard

Regular price $1,599.00 USD
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         ☞☞Specification of the Carbon GT Electric Skateboard 

      ➤Deck :  Highest grade Carbon Fibre, 46.5 Inches / 1185 mm Matte

      ➤Battery: Panasonic NCR21700T 19.2AH Lithium battery 12S4P

      ➤Motor:  Dual 6368 Belt Motor 170Kv 1500 Watt*2

      ➤ESC: The brand new Hobbywing ESC allows quick acceleration, quick responses from the controller and produces less heat, making overheating much less likely.And has the function of remote start-up

      ➤Remote:  Ergonomic Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speed Modes, 2.4G wireless,with LED display

      ➤Brake Light: Yes

      ➤Braking: Regenerative Braking

      ➤Trucks:  Forged 306 mm / 12 Inch width with double King Pin


      GT: 120m Cloudwheel

      ➤Suitable Terrain:  Any terrain - short grass, dirt tracks, roads & footpaths

      ➤Bearings:  Ceramic Bearings (water & dust proof)

      ➤Recharge:  4-5 hours with 5A charger

      ➤Top Speed:  45 km/h / 28 mph 

      ➤Range:  Up to 70 km / 43 miles 

      ➤Note :  70kg rider on a flat road

      ➤Weight: 13kg

      ➤Max Load: 150 kg / 330 lbs

      ➤Power Slides: Yes

      ➤Hills: Up to 30%

      ➤WARRANTY: 180 days

      ☞☞What's in the Box? 

      1 x Completely Assembled eBoard

      1 x Front Head Light

      1 x OLED Remote with USB Charging Cable

      1 x Certificated 5A Charger

      1 x DC Port Charger Adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)

      1 x T-tool

      1 x User Manual

      2 x Extra Belts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love it!!!!!!

That ride with the cloud wheels are fucking amazing?

Patrick R.
This is a great buying decision.

Great Customer Support
Good Board for the Money,Incredible Long Range!Be My Favorite Board!

jacob pontow
this board needs more attention!

i have owned many many boards in my life. and this one is my favorite for new riders. TONNSSSS of range and good speed to keep up but not super jerky so it dont throw off my friends like my diy boards do and soooo much better range than my boosted, and my friends like the B-one over the evolve GTR
great price and better people working. buy this board!