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Balrog Z Direct Drive Electric Skateboard (Up to 52km range)

Balrog Z Direct Drive Electric Skateboard (Up to 52km range)

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B-ONE Balrog Z Bamboo Direct Drive Electric Skateboard

The Balrog comes in two variations: the X and the Z. The primary difference is that the X is powered by belt-driven motors, whereas the Z–shown here– is driven by direct drive motors.

Our Balrog Z is a new evolution of the Balrog line and our first direct drive (DD) board. While it’s still as epic as the mythic beast, it produces less road noise than the X and requires no maintenance. It’s fierce on all terrains with its powerful dual 1300W DD motors that scream up to 3000W during peak acceleration.  you'll cruise over cracks, bumps, pebbles, and sticks with ease and comfort, especially since they are paired with the Balrog’s signature comfortable, flexible, shock-absorbing bamboo deck. Finally, the newly upgraded LG M50LT 15Ah battery delivers miles of range to ensure your adventures go far…with enough juice to get home!

 Specification of the Balrog Z :


Balrog Z Direct drive electric skateboard

Deck With 2 layers of fiberglass bamboo and 6 layers of genuine Canadian Maple, you can ‘get your pump on’ with our concave flexible deck, which helps to absorb road vibrations while providing as close to a traditional longboard riding experience as you can get.
Motor 2 x 1300 Watts (Nominal)Diameter 70mm, Superior Heat Dissipation, 64KV
2 x 3000 Watt (MAX)

We've created a new set of wheels for the Balrog Z: the B-One 105 mm Luminous.With riding characteristics that are similar to Cloudwheels, ours features in-built LED lights that shine a luminous red glow to highlight your path. If you prefer a larger diameter wheel that isn't as flashy, we still offer hydro100 mm wheels that provide extra cushioning.


We’ve upgraded the Balrogs batteries with one of the best used in the field: a M50LT LG. Being one of the most well-known battery manufacturers in the world, LG creates some of the finest 21700 cells, which are arranged in a 12S3P configuration to provide the Balrogs with 666Wh of demonly power to get you to your destination faster than the competition, and enough range to ensure you get homeon your board.

ESC Our updated Balrogs were given a new Hobbywing ESC so acceleration and braking will be smoother and more responsive while a strong 2.4Ghz wireless signal is continuously maintained, preventing any accidents from runaway boards.

Both Balrogs have been outfitted with conventional kingpin (CKP) / TKP trucks, which provide greater stability at higher speeds without any oversteer. When coupled with our flexible bamboo deck, these trucks provide a skating experience that is as close to longboarding–or even surfingas you can get.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
This B-one Balrog Direct Drive has been amazing

I have had this board for around 2 months now and I have enjoyed every ride, Smooth acceleration, but you can still feel it in 4th gear full throttle, smooth braking that's strong when you need it to be, so at full brake it will come to skidding stop which I appreciate. The trucks are awesome, the way they put them together feels great, it has a reliable return to center when carving, and I've been able to comfortably cruise up to 40-45kph before more than a casual stance was required to prevent a speed wobble. The board itself has the perfect amount of flex and concave for my feet, and has made a real difference riding on the rougher roads, I'm 5'11, 167lbs, size 11-12 shoes. So if you're close to that you'll have a great time with the board, haven't had a chance to do a full range test, but living in a small town it has ample range, more than I need. My one and only "con" if you could call it that is how heavy the board is for carrying it around, I know that comes with the territory but I do find myself wishing I had ordered a handle with the board, more so a personal gripe with myself for not grabbing one. I do appreciate that there is no grip tape in the center though, as it saves your clothing a bit when you are carrying it up against your side. So all in all I have no real complaints about this board, 2 months in and I havent yet had to reapply any loctite to any of the screws, habit has me checking between rides so when tightening I have noticed next to no movement. Everything about it has been a positive experience, right up to the very first questions I had for customer service when I was getting ready to buy the board, They were extremely responsive never taking any longer than 12 hours to reply despite being on the other side of the planet from Canada. So if you are looking for a reliable Direct Drive board with great customer service behind it, These guys have my vote. 5 Stars %100

Excellent mais

Excellente planche

Les points fort :

Excellent carving
Super silencieuse
Autonomie au top
Très bonne accélération
Freinage super smooth mais efficace

Les point faibles :

Très mauvais remote, aucune configuration possible
Impossible de voir l'état des cellules de la planche
Pas d'application mobile
L'écran se trouve dans la paume de la main impossible de voir a combien on roule
Le boutton de changement de mode de vitesse gère aussi la marche arrière, 1 clic change le mode, deux clics change le sens des moteurs, je vous laisse imaginer quand vous voulez rapidement passer du mode 2 a 4 ...


Excellent raport qualité

Denis H.
Très bon skate, très bon service !

J'utilise mon Balrog Z depuis 3 semaines maintenant, et je suis super satisfait ! Les moteurs Direct Drive sont suffisamment puissants, pas de problème ! Et ils sont très silencieux, j'adore.
J'obtiens 50km d'autonomie en mode 2, et plus de 40km en mode 4, pour un rider de plus de 80kg, avec des roues caoutchouc 110mm, avec encore 1 barre sur le cadran d'autonomie.
J'ai fait une pointe à 48km/h en mode 4, et il était possible d'aller plus haut, frisson garanti. Aucun speed wobble. La planche et les axes sont très stables ..
La planche est très flexible, peut être un peu trop pour mon poids.

Je suis très satisfait de ce skate, de sa puissance suffisante, très silencieux, top speed pouvant aller surement à 50km/h, c'est largement suffisant pour moi, mais ce que j'aime le plus, c'est sa grande autonomie. Je ne voudrais pas d'un skate faisant moins. Le seul reproche, le rayon de braquage est très large. Ce sont des simple Kinpin, les bushing sont assez durs, et il est assez difficile de tourner.
J'ai commandé des bouchons plus softs chez Riptide, je les attends, je pense que cela cela facilitera le carving, reste a voir pur la stabilité.

Mais je voudrais un autre élément très important, pour lequel je suis très satisfait : Le service client !
Le transport a pris 1 mois, et j'ai été tenu informé régulièrement par Lily de B One.

Je vis sur une petite ile perdue au milieu de l'océan indien ( La Reunion ). Il n'y pas de magasin de skate électrique ici, et faire venir des objets électriques est compliqué et cher !
SI j'ai un problème, je suis tout seul pour le résoudre, ou les prix de transports sont malades.

2 jours après avoir reçu mon skate, j'ai eu un problème de déconnection entre la télécommande et l'ESC.
J'ai échangé avec le service client qui m'a aidé pendant toute une après midi à résoudre le problème.
Au final, ce n'était qu'un connecteur mal emboité.
Mais nous avons passé en revue toutes les possibilités, leur service a été patient, extrêmement réactif, et finalement efficace, mon problème a été résolu.

A l'origine, je penchais pour une Meepo, mais après avoir lu et entendu tous les avis négatifs sur leur service clients, et les bons commentaires à propos de B One, j'ai choisi B One, et je ne le regrette pas.
Je voulais partager avec vous cette expérience qui aurait pu etre un désastre, mais au final, pas du tout, grâce à leur service client excellent.
Un grand merci à Lily !

Great Board, Great Service, what else ?
Good Job B One

Pierre F.
Balrog Z is a great electric skateboard

This is my first experience with an electric skateboard. My previous experience is with non-motorized longboard riding. I have now had many rides with the Balrog Z skateboard (105 mm wheels) and I find it has all the features that I want for a great skateboard. I have not detected any bad features in the craftsmanship or performance. The board easily covered 50 km on a single charge. Like a longboard, is offers a smooth ride on smooth surfaces and a rough ride on rough surfaces. I will be looking into the existence of softer wheels that could give a smoother ride on rough surfaces.

Reviewer avatar
Redwood B.
B One Nailed it with their first direct drive model

This board is incredible. Great specs, stunning looks, and a really competitive price.

I've posted a full unboxing and review on YouTube; if you're curious. YouTube video placeholder

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