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B-ONE TITAN X Carbon Electric Skateboard

B-ONE TITAN X Carbon Electric Skateboard

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B-ONE TITAN X Carbon Electric Skateboard

The 2022 TITAN X is equipped with the new Hobbywing 9028 ESC, equipped with a professional mature high discharge rate and large-capacity LG M50LT 13S4P battery pack with an output of 936Wh, giving the skateboard more powerful power and braking ability and more cruising range. Humanized design, remote adjustable braking , suitable for riders with different braking requirements, improve the improved CKP truck. More wear-resistant hota pneumatic tires for a more comfortable ride and longer riding life. An improved carbon fiber deck ride footwell for a more comfortable ride. handle, remote control cover are included as standard accessories.


1* handle

1* Remote control case (color random)

2*6 inch inner tube (if the order have the AT wheels)




Super long range and top speed

TITAN X has the highest range for skateboards in its like-for - like products, range 46miles /80km (test rider weight 75 kg, 97 mm PU wheel, riding uniform speed around 30km/h). The TITAN X also has the highest top speed of any production board on the market, up to 37 mph, while maintaining more torque than you need.


Powerful performance

With 3500W*2 power, 170kv belt motor and 15:58 gear ratio, it gives you incredible accelerate and hill climbing ability. The 150mm HOTA pneumatic wheels perfectly absorb the vibrations from the road, so you won't feel tired even if you ride for a long time. The thicker tire design makes the tire more wear-resistant and puncture-proof

LG M50LT battery

LG is one of the most mature battery manufacturers in the world, the M50LT is the best 21700 high-capacity high-discharge battery with 15 amp continuous discharge, 5000mAh capacity, over 500 charge cycles, and maximum battery life while maintaining high power discharge mileage. The TITAN X uses 52pcs LG M50LT battery cell, arranged in a 13s4p configuration, which delivers high-power output, eliminates voltage sags, and delivers the highest mileage on the largest all-terrain board.

Carbon Fiber Deck

High quality forged textured carbon fiber deck Refined concave, flexible drop-down deck, wider platform to accommodate all shoe sizes, even long rides will not feel uncomfortable on the feet.

Traditional single kingpin truck 

The TITAN X also features the very popular split-angle CKP truck with a more robust and durable design, while maintaining the same level of stability at higher speeds.

What's in the box

1 x Completely Assembled eBoard

1 x Certificated 5A Charger

1 x DC Port Charger Adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)

1 x T-tool

1 x User Manual

2 x Extra Belts

1 x Air Pump(if the order have the AT wheel)

2 x Inner tube (if the order have the AT wheel)

1 x Handle

1 x remote case (Random Color)

NOTE : The 2in1 option is (120mm cloudwheel and 150mm hota wheel ), the standard color for the cloudwheel is Black, if you want red color, write us a note in your cart

Also the Standard is black color as well(griptape, belt cover,truck plate), we offer red version

Deck: Forged Carbon Fiber 101cm*32cm*15cm (39.7*13*6in)

The deck covers the curve for a more comfortable ride

Battery: Upgrade BMS, increase discharge current. Lithium battery LG M50LT 21700 13S4P 20ah 936wh

ESC: Customized latest version Hobbywing 9028 ESC with smart on/off function. Upgraded ESC power output and braking intensity

Wheels: GT: 120mm cloud wheels.
AT: 6 inch pneumatic wheels. Wheels changed to thicker HOTA tires for better wear resistance

Top speed: 50 km/h or 31 mph (up to 60 km/h or 37 mph in turbo mode)

Range: (base on a 75kg rider,riding uniform speed around 30km/h)
97mm PU wheel: 80km / 46miles
120mm cloudwheel: 80km / 46miles
150mm hota wheel: 55km / 35miles
165mm rovers wheel: 60-65km / 37-40miles.

Weight: 13 kg

Maximum load: 150 kg / 330 lbs powered slide

Uphill: up to 40%

Speed ​​Mode:

Beginner Mode: 12.5 mph (20 km/h)

Intermediate Mode: 18.75 mph (30 km/h)

Expert Mode: 31 mph (50 km/h)

Turbo mode: 37 mph (60 km/h)

Warranty: 180 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Titan X 1st Impression

The Titan X is super powerful. Impressed by the build quality.
Support is A+ from my experience so far. Shipping box could be reinforced more or double pack, all items arrived safely.
You can actually set cruise control I think in most modes but have to be above ~10-15mph, well maybe only in mode 2-3-T, think I tested at ~15-20mph in mode 2. The mode number inverts pixels w what looks like a dark square w rounded edges surrounding the number. Accelerate or brake to cancel, break for sure cancels.
~40 miles now, make sure to check tire pressure on the hotas prior to riding, awesome tires.
Monster uphill, can literally carve uphill on these things now. Epic rides, LG battery is strong so far, does loose a bit of power at ~25-15%, start to get low voltage warning at ~25%, and as you go lower but maybe feels like if u were in 3 mode, drops to 2 slightly, then 1, need to test more. Adjustable breaks are great so far. Varying terrain, flat and hill, is indeed about ~30mi, probably more, on hotas, I'm ~175lbs. Urethane wheels are def ~40mi rides between charges. Will test tho.
Tkp is carvy and stable, make sure not to overtighten bushings or need to get harder sets. Control photo mi was prior to current mileage.
bone-mode initialized :-)

Oleg S.


Wei M.
Customer service and products

On point , fast response on any questions you have .
Board quality / performance are definitely up there.

Wow le skateboard incroyable !

J’ai plusieurs board dans ma collection , je peux dire que le Titan a un range de fou autour de 50 Km pour ma part et plus. Les moteurs sont si puissant le mode 3 sur 4 est souvent assez pour me faire peur , n’oyez que ce n’est pas le cas pour mes autres skates ! J’ai démonté des routes que j’aurais pu impossible à 40 km/h en mode 3 😂. Le board est incroyable je recommande !

Roland G.
B-ONE Titan X

I love this board. It is my third Board (Ecomobl ET, Backfire Zealot and Titan X) and i fell in love with it immediately. It's really carvey yet super stable at higher speeds, it looks GREAT and I (82kg) get about 40-43km of range with the AT wheels. Customer Service was great so far. It's really a great board for that price!

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The B-ONE Board comes with a 180days of warranty after purchase. We will provide this service for any damage or defects that occurred under normal usage conditions. Wearables like belts and wheels as well as purposeful damages to the board are NOT covered by the free warranty. However, you can still request a paid service that we will provide.


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