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Fkn Awesome!

My board rides much smoother now and looks better too! Thank you!!

Amazing Board!

This is my second board and to be honest I would probably say the last one I'm getting! I rode on the first ride with cloud wheels and in speed mode 3. I was constantly hitting 30mph and averaged at about 25mph-28mph throughout the ride. I went about 20 miles and still had 2 bars left. I will say I am confused if the controller vibrating means low battery on the board or what because there were still 2 bars (maybe somebody can help me answer that?) Otherwise, the ride was comfy with the flex, and it just felt really good! My commute to work and back just got a whole lot better! Thanks to all the people at B ONE BARDS for all their hard work! Highly recommend!

PS. The shipping was almost instantaneous compared to other products I've purchased. Within a week I received the AT Balrog X and the next day my cloud wheels came. Again, Great work guys and gals at B ONE!!

I would write a review...

I would write a review...
But sadly I havent received my board yet after 42+ days and counting.

B One Nailed it with their first direct drive model

This board is incredible. Great specs, stunning looks, and a really competitive price.

I've posted a full unboxing and review on YouTube; if you're curious. YouTube video placeholder
Best board out

I'm a bigger guy at 260lbs and this board shreds with me on it. I have a couple other boards and they don't compare to the comfort I get on it. The customer service is awesome. Fast responses for all my questions and orders. If you buy anything else your doing it wrong.

Seungnam L.
Titan X

It's so good. It has great power and smooth motion.

Great Titan X

It starts smoothly and has enough power to go uphill easily.

Great mod for dkp

Easily one of the best mods I've done to my 2 in 1 dkp board. For the price these baseplates can't be beaten. The split angle kingpins are spot on and I would choose these for a tkp setup over precision rkp every day of the week

13s charger

Works great as intended! Also is worth noting this is the quietest fast charger I've ever used

Anti sink plates

Best thing since sliced toast!
Great B one quality

Sweet Ride

It took a while to arrive from China but its worth the wait. Love the feel of this ride. Very well engineered design. Slight drop down provides a stable foot position and confident comfort. A bit of bend and flexibility in deck helps give feel of snowboard carve. Just what I was looking for.
Well done guys!!

Titan x esc and remote

Just finished installing this esc into my landyatchz evo with 13s3p molicel pack and 6368 170kv motors. After a simple modification to the connectors (I use MR60) this esc packs some punch! Love it. I need to get their 6374 motors now!

B one are great to deal with, they back up their products with fantastic after sales service.

12s esc and remote

The B one guys are amazing, super fast shipping and backed up with fantastic support!
This is esc is very powerful and with the Titan remote I have adjustable braking!

Thanks guys

165mm Rovers Wheels Kits

Handle color not accurate

The handle I received was not black like the picture, it was a metallic metal color. Feels solid.

Love the board

This board is amazing. Reel power and easy to ride in the city

Has not arrived yet

The shipment has not arrived yet. Will test them out when they get here

ESC and Remote
New hobbwing esc and remote

Bought a new 12s esc hobbywind, make sure you have to buy remote as the old hobbit remote do not work with the new esc! So you must buy anew remote if you are buying the newest esc hobbywing. You also can let the hobby wing esc running correctly to your motors turning on remote and board ..then turing off board leaving remote on...then turning on board immediately with 5 presses of bottom on board and the esc will go into test mode and will work correct with your board , it runs test for about 1 minutes moving the wheels in both directions ..then turn off remote and board ..turn remote back on and it will now work with your board correctly

100mm Boa Wheels Kits
Jeff B.
BOA wheels on the Titan 2 WD.

Perfect match. I enjoyed the cloud wheels (120mm) but thought I'd give the BOA's a try. Absolutely perfect match. Could'nt be more impressed. My next purchase will be the Titan X with 100 mm BOA's. Great job B-ONE.

Pulley kit (1 pair)

Best AT Tire so far!

These are the best balanced 6" tire I've ever rode on, Amazing grip and by far the most comfortable ever, one con I have is that the rolling resistance its abit greater than the sunmates but I'm never going back to sunmates after testing these tires. So far the Best Quality and performance tire. Also I like to add that the Customer service provided its one of the top if not the Best experience I've ever had from a Company out in China! Thank you very much and hope to do lots of business with you soon. Blessings!!

100mm Boa Wheels Kits
Abid i.
100mm boa street wheels

Its soft and board feels stable because of lower center of gravity.need to run in first in order to achieve maximum grip.
The belt size/length that came in the package isnt compartible with diy/flipsky truck..bear it in mind

Titan X 1st Impression

The Titan X is super powerful. Impressed by the build quality.
Support is A+ from my experience so far. Shipping box could be reinforced more or double pack, all items arrived safely.
You can actually set cruise control I think in most modes but have to be above ~10-15mph, well maybe only in mode 2-3-T, think I tested at ~15-20mph in mode 2. The mode number inverts pixels w what looks like a dark square w rounded edges surrounding the number. Accelerate or brake to cancel, break for sure cancels.
~40 miles now, make sure to check tire pressure on the hotas prior to riding, awesome tires.
Monster uphill, can literally carve uphill on these things now. Epic rides, LG battery is strong so far, does loose a bit of power at ~25-15%, start to get low voltage warning at ~25%, and as you go lower but maybe feels like if u were in 3 mode, drops to 2 slightly, then 1, need to test more. Adjustable breaks are great so far. Varying terrain, flat and hill, is indeed about ~30mi, probably more, on hotas, I'm ~175lbs. Urethane wheels are def ~40mi rides between charges. Will test tho.
Tkp is carvy and stable, make sure not to overtighten bushings or need to get harder sets. Control photo mi was prior to current mileage.
bone-mode initialized :-)

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