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Very satisfied and...

I'm very satisfied with my purchase which was greatly influenced by Fred from @Esk8unity on YouTube. I also convinced my best friend to by one too and he is also very satisfied although his order took over a month.


B one are always great to deal with.

B one backing panels

B one are always amazing to deal with. They ship fast and their parts are quality.

Extremely happy with this purchase!

I should start with saying I'm around 200 lbs and in my mid 50's. No boarding experience of any type, other that with a cheap Kmart skateboard in the 70's as a kid. I was really getting into e-scooters recently and saw a favorite YT personality had decided to pick up an esk8. I wasn't initially interested, but was very interested by the end of the video. I quickly found Fred's YT channel and realized he really knew esk8's and seem to love the Titan X, so I bought one (with the 2 in 1) on a whim. Within 15 minutes I was carving back and forth with decent confidence on the first outing and almost immediately fell in love with this board (using the 150mm AT wheels). My e-scoots have sat since. So far I'm really only using mode 1 and 2 as this board is insanely powerful in mode 3 & 4. I honestly can't imagine wanting to ride around on a regular basis in mode 4 (unless I had a death wish, lol!) This board will easily hit speeds in the upper modes which you're not running off if you lose it, so use some common sense as this is no toy! Although I will say the TKP trucks are very stable at high speeds and it was easy for me to ride right out of the box. The battery will easily outlast me for a day of riding, it just seemingly lasts forever. No mechanical issues or over heating on hot days so far. Yes, it's a little pricey, although looking at others in this category, it seemed to be very well priced for the performance compared to the competition. I should also mention the shipping was fast and no issues with shipping damage (even though it only came single boxed, but with great padding). Lots of nice accessories included as well. Speaking of unboxing, I was shocked how beautiful this board is in person! I guess in summary I will just say I'm beyond thrilled with this board and have zero regrets with choosing this esk8! If you're on the fence about this board, just buy it... it's awesome!

Good value fast board

Really comfortable board with good range. It's much lighter than a meepo hurricane. Love the concave shape, but wish the deck was a little stiffer. Acceleration is smooth and feels safe. Shipping was reasonablly fast (from EU warehouse to UK). Customer service was also excellent and they handled my queries quickly.

Buyers should request a handle be included as I think it's essential (they forgot to include in the original box). The angle on the motors and the motor guard mean you can't pull your board along holding the front trucks. A handle also makes it much easier to pick up the board from the floor.

Très bon skate, très bon service !

J'utilise mon Balrog Z depuis 3 semaines maintenant, et je suis super satisfait ! Les moteurs Direct Drive sont suffisamment puissants, pas de problème ! Et ils sont très silencieux, j'adore.
J'obtiens 50km d'autonomie en mode 2, et plus de 40km en mode 4, pour un rider de plus de 80kg, avec des roues caoutchouc 110mm, avec encore 1 barre sur le cadran d'autonomie.
J'ai fait une pointe à 48km/h en mode 4, et il était possible d'aller plus haut, frisson garanti. Aucun speed wobble. La planche et les axes sont très stables ..
La planche est très flexible, peut être un peu trop pour mon poids.

Je suis très satisfait de ce skate, de sa puissance suffisante, très silencieux, top speed pouvant aller surement à 50km/h, c'est largement suffisant pour moi, mais ce que j'aime le plus, c'est sa grande autonomie. Je ne voudrais pas d'un skate faisant moins. Le seul reproche, le rayon de braquage est très large. Ce sont des simple Kinpin, les bushing sont assez durs, et il est assez difficile de tourner.
J'ai commandé des bouchons plus softs chez Riptide, je les attends, je pense que cela cela facilitera le carving, reste a voir pur la stabilité.

Mais je voudrais un autre élément très important, pour lequel je suis très satisfait : Le service client !
Le transport a pris 1 mois, et j'ai été tenu informé régulièrement par Lily de B One.

Je vis sur une petite ile perdue au milieu de l'océan indien ( La Reunion ). Il n'y pas de magasin de skate électrique ici, et faire venir des objets électriques est compliqué et cher !
SI j'ai un problème, je suis tout seul pour le résoudre, ou les prix de transports sont malades.

2 jours après avoir reçu mon skate, j'ai eu un problème de déconnection entre la télécommande et l'ESC.
J'ai échangé avec le service client qui m'a aidé pendant toute une après midi à résoudre le problème.
Au final, ce n'était qu'un connecteur mal emboité.
Mais nous avons passé en revue toutes les possibilités, leur service a été patient, extrêmement réactif, et finalement efficace, mon problème a été résolu.

A l'origine, je penchais pour une Meepo, mais après avoir lu et entendu tous les avis négatifs sur leur service clients, et les bons commentaires à propos de B One, j'ai choisi B One, et je ne le regrette pas.
Je voulais partager avec vous cette expérience qui aurait pu etre un désastre, mais au final, pas du tout, grâce à leur service client excellent.
Un grand merci à Lily !

Great Board, Great Service, what else ?
Good Job B One


This is my 1st e-board. I have to admit that I thought e-boards were pretty lame. But, my mind was changed instantly after my first ride. I've only a couple of things I would change, due to personal preference -

I'd like the board to be "slightly" more stiff. Just a little. I'd also prefer that in addition to the double drop, that the board would have a slight "convex" shape that ran length wise. Maybe the convex shape would compensate for the flex.

1 thing is that the board didn't come with a manual. You'll have to go on line to view instructions and set up.

Other than that, I've put almost 100 miles and am always looking for a reason to go for a ride.

Balrog Z is a great electric skateboard

This is my first experience with an electric skateboard. My previous experience is with non-motorized longboard riding. I have now had many rides with the Balrog Z skateboard (105 mm wheels) and I find it has all the features that I want for a great skateboard. I have not detected any bad features in the craftsmanship or performance. The board easily covered 50 km on a single charge. Like a longboard, is offers a smooth ride on smooth surfaces and a rough ride on rough surfaces. I will be looking into the existence of softer wheels that could give a smoother ride on rough surfaces.

Remote with display

Awesome board!

I come from snowboarding, and this is just like that carving experience but in the summer!! 👍👍👍 It is totally awesome, you can easily cruise at 40km/h, stable as hell and the hota tires just grip, grip, grip! 💪 The decksize is more than you need so you can choose yourself how you like your stance! 👍 The battery gets me 45km and there is still some battery left, and that is with the 150mm Hota tires! 🤘 Love everything about this board...! 👍❤️

Love this board

I get it to go around 40mph it last around 20 miles on one charge with the off road weels i am like 270lbs and it can go up a 40% grade hill still going around 30 to 35 mph it is sooo much fun i highly suggest it and the support team is amazing to answer any questions fast and effectivly


A great replacement!! Good quality remote! Just like the original but better! (More options) love it! Will work on most if not all Hobbywing 10C , 11C and 12C

Pulley kit

All good


A bigger option and different colors would be even better.and the donuts would be nice to be able to buy especially in different colors

Love it

Great Board having a lot of fun on the cloud wheels .I don't care for the tube ones,wish the range was a lot better and that it came with the 165mm Rover's in the two in one, And, I should have gotten the carbon not the bamboo. I'm a bit heavy for it at 200lbs and if I step towards the center, I scrape the bottom but I still like the board and would recommend it

Amazing motors

These motors perform perfectly

Fkn Awesome!

My board rides much smoother now and looks better too! Thank you!!

Amazing Board!

This is my second board and to be honest I would probably say the last one I'm getting! I rode on the first ride with cloud wheels and in speed mode 3. I was constantly hitting 30mph and averaged at about 25mph-28mph throughout the ride. I went about 20 miles and still had 2 bars left. I will say I am confused if the controller vibrating means low battery on the board or what because there were still 2 bars (maybe somebody can help me answer that?) Otherwise, the ride was comfy with the flex, and it just felt really good! My commute to work and back just got a whole lot better! Thanks to all the people at B ONE BARDS for all their hard work! Highly recommend!

PS. The shipping was almost instantaneous compared to other products I've purchased. Within a week I received the AT Balrog X and the next day my cloud wheels came. Again, Great work guys and gals at B ONE!!

I would write a review...

I would write a review...
But sadly I havent received my board yet after 42+ days and counting.

B One Nailed it with their first direct drive model

This board is incredible. Great specs, stunning looks, and a really competitive price.

I've posted a full unboxing and review on YouTube; if you're curious. YouTube video placeholder
Best board out

I'm a bigger guy at 260lbs and this board shreds with me on it. I have a couple other boards and they don't compare to the comfort I get on it. The customer service is awesome. Fast responses for all my questions and orders. If you buy anything else your doing it wrong.

Seungnam L.
Titan X

It's so good. It has great power and smooth motion.

Great Titan X

It starts smoothly and has enough power to go uphill easily.

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