New upgraded Balrog X bamboo Nov. 2022

What is new for the Balrog

Old version balrog (Balrog bamboo)  New version balrog (Balrog X bamboo)
Deck / grip tape \ Better looking

two battery version

  • 14.5ah DC18650 2900mah 10S5P 14.5ah Lithium battery
  • 17.5ah Molicel M35A 630Wh 10S5P 17.5Ah Lithium battery
  • LG M50LT 12S3P 15Ah, 666Wh
  • 6inch
  • 120mm cloudwheel
  • Hota 6inch
  • 120mm cloudwheel
Tail light
Charger 3A Charger 5A Charger
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