How do I know if I got the correct battery on my Balog?

B-ONE Balrog Bamboo has two types of batteries. 

One is 

  • DC18650 2900mah 10S5P 14.5ah Lithium battery

And the other is 

  • Sanyo GA 3500mah 10S5P 17.5ah Lithium battery

They looks exactly the same,due to the two battery versions have different price, how to figure out if got the correct one.

The Balrog's battery is  encapsulation like in the left part of the picture.

Design like this is for waterproof and shockproof,we using a special potting compound for lithium batteries for the encapsulation,so it
heat dissipation too


There is an easy way to find it out the different ,

  • the 17.5ah version is use the metal charging  port,it looks like this 



  • and the 14.5ah version use the plastic charging port, it looks like this