About Us

B-ONE was a new brand built by Gerald in 2020, Gerald is an experienced electronics engineer, founder of a multi-purpose manufactory, and a fan of four-wheel electric skateboards.Work in electric scooter/balance car design, manufacturing since 2015 in Shenzhen,China.

Shenzhen is a vibrant and innovative city, many new products from design to production and market, only needs a short time.Due to balance scooter market was saturation,Gerald chosen electric skateboard as our new direction at the end of 2015.Electric skateboard was a new thing in 2015,so the spare parts support was not perfect, and not mature enough. We had participated in and tested more than 30 ESC manufactories and more than a dozen motor manufactories and provided recommendations for improvement.Thanks for the pre-work and our expertise, good quality and good service,we provided OED,OEM service since 2017, and we won a lot of customers from Europe,USA,UK,Australia,New Zealand,Russia,Japan,Singapore and other regionals from Asia.

B-ONE is more than just a business or a company. We are always in the forefront of E-BOARD's design and development, providing responsible quality products is one of our missions.

Base on years of experience in the design and production of electric skateboards and customer feedback, B-ONE CARBON GTR is our first electric four-wheel skateboard with long-range, high-quality, high-performance. We know the performance of all accessories and customer needs, we always insist on best accessories to make the best performance electric skateboard, and provide the best electric skateboard with the best price to the e-skateboard lovers all over the world.

We have a professional team and some partners for the global customer service.Professional, Service, Innovative,Pragmatic is our goal and purpose. We hope that our products are available all over the world, that more people can enjoy the fun and happiness from high-quality E-board.