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ESC and Remote for TITAN X

ESC and Remote for TITAN X

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The ESC only supports motors or skateboards sold on this website. Any abnormalities caused by self wiring or modification are not responsible for after-sales service/ not covered by the warranty.


ESC: The brand new Hobbywing ESC allows quick acceleration, quick responses from the controller and produces less heat, making overheating much less likely.Power and brake increase around 10% above the Titan 2wd.

Remote:  Remote Control Ergonomic Hobbywing Remote Control with 4 Speed ​​Modes, 2.4G Wireless, with LED Display, Remote One Button Power On Function, this remote could adjust the brake level

 ESC SIZE (mm):  91*102 *15  ,all measure by hand, not including the wire 


  • This ESC use for the TITAN X Carbon  . They look same like others, but the system inside is different.
  • The connector is 9pin, and only this type of connectors is available, make sure if it fit your motor before order.





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Customer Reviews

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ESC replacement after 1000 Km

After about 1000 km of good service from the ESC, one of the motors was no longer controlled correctly. At first I suspected the plug connection between the motor and ESC as the cause (since they were carbonized because the current transmitted, was probably to high for the plugs), but the electronic was defective. Until now the ESC was only glued in, no screws to hold it in place and ensure good contact with the heat sink. Overheating and vibrations probably caused the defect, based on the defect described above. The new ESC was delivered to me with a mounting plate, which now ensures a mechanical screw connection between the ESC, board and heat sink. A good thing, but unfortunately the mounting holes on the new plate are inaccurate, with threads that are too small and not deep enough. So some work on my part was necessary, which somewhat dampened my joy about the new mounting plate.

Conclusion: The ESC itself is really good (except for the motor connector, which is too weak in terms of current), the new attachment (mounting plate) to the board is still a tinker/patch. Please correct that! The first few trips went well, no problems. But I can only really check this if I open the lid from above, i.e. remove the griptape (which is then no longer usable). Let's hope everything is still on place regarding ESC mounting, when I replaced my worn out grip tape. Keep the fingers crossed!

Parts list for an ESC replacement:
- ESC mounting plate with screws (if not already present) - New heat sink (which also contains power button and charging port) with threaded holes to mount the mounting plate
- Heat conductive mat between mounting plate and ESC
- Thermal paste between mounting plate and heatsink
- Screws for heat sinks
- New grip tape
- Sealing material to seal ESC motor cables (which are routed to the outside).
- Cable ties for motor cable routing

Seungnam L.
Great Titan X

It starts smoothly and has enough power to go uphill easily.

Titan x esc and remote

Just finished installing this esc into my landyatchz evo with 13s3p molicel pack and 6368 170kv motors. After a simple modification to the connectors (I use MR60) this esc packs some punch! Love it. I need to get their 6374 motors now!

B one are great to deal with, they back up their products with fantastic after sales service.

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