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Titan X-Up to 80km range- US warehouse

Titan X-Up to 80km range- US warehouse

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B-ONE TITAN X Carbon Electric Skateboard

The 2022 TITAN X is an extremely powerful board that includes a huge battery and a deck with a subtle flex, allowing you to enjoy high-speed stability with comfort for miles. Our new Titan X comes equipped with Hobbywing’s new 9028 ESC, which provides a continuous high discharge rate with its large-capacity LG M50LT 13S4P lithium battery. With an output of 936Wh, youll experience greater power and braking ability along with a longer cruising range. The ergonomically designed remote includes adjustable brakes to dial in the perfect amount of pressure for your preferred riding style. With an improved drop-down carbon fiber deck, stronger CKP / TKP trucks, and more wear-resistant HOTA pneumatic tires, the Titan X is more comfortable and durable so you can enjoy your board for longer, without the need to replace wear-and-tear items so quickly. 

Longest Range and Highest Speed

The TITAN X can go farther than all other skateboards in its class. With a range of 46 miles/80km, it's a viable transportation solution even for those in remote locations. And with a top speed of 37 mph/60 km/h, our TITAN X is the fastest of any production board on the market, providing unparalleled thrills and excitement while maintaining more torque than you'll ever need. (*As tested by a 75 kg rider accelerating at a constant speed of ~30 km/h.)

Powerful performance

The two 3950W 170kv belt motors have a gear ratio of 15:58, which propels the Titan X quickly while providing excellent hill-climbing ability. The 150 mm HOTA pneumatic tires absorb all of the vibrations from the road so you shouldn't suffer from foot-fatigue even when riding for an extended period of time, and the extra thick rubber renders them more wear-resistant and puncture-proof.

LG M50LT battery

LG M50LT is the best high-capacity, high-discharge battery utilizing 21700 cells. With a 15 amp continuous discharge and a 5000mAh capacity, you will arrive at your most distant destination faster than the competition–and with over 500 charging cycles, you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. We use 52 LG M50LT battery cells in the Titan X arranged in a 13S4P configuration, which delivers a hugely powerful output, eliminates all voltage sag, and provides the highest mileage of all boards in production.

Forged Carbon Fiber Deck

The Titan X has a premium forged, textured carbon fiber deck with a refined concave that grips your feet so you feel firmly planted as you ride. The aerodynamic drop-down nose reduces inertia and directs the wind downward, which helps to keep you connected with the road. A wider platform accommodates all shoe sizes, so even longer rides should not cause foot discomfort.

Conventional Single Kingpin Trucks

The TITAN X also features the very popular split-angle CKP / TKP trucks but with a more robust and durable design, allowing you to maintain stability even at higher speeds.

Powerful motor

3950w *2 dual belt drive motor, powerful for climbing. Top speed:31mph - 37mph (50km/h - 60km/h) Long range:35-46miles / 55-80km

Intergrate taillight & brake level setting

Newest esc & remote, which could has a integrated taillight function, when remote brakes, the taillight will flash.
the remote also has a function that could adjust the brake level,from 0-100. Here is how to setup the brake level

B-ONE Titan X Carbon Specs

Top speed:
31 mph/50 km/h (up to 37 mph/60 km/h in turbo mode)
97 mm PU wheels: 49 miles/80 km
120 mm Cloudwheels: 49 miles/80 km
150 mm HOTA wheels: 34 miles/55 km
165 mm Rovers wheels: 37-40 miles/60-65 km
(*As tested by a 75 kg rider accelerating at a constant speed of ~30 km/h.)
3950w*2 6374 dual belt drive motor
TKP- traditional single kingpin truck
Forged carbon fiber measuring 39.7” x 13” x 6” (101 cm x 32 cm x 15 cm); concave for a more comfortable ride.
5A faster charger
Upgraded BMS with an increased discharge current: LG M50LT 21700 13S4P 20Ah 936Wh lithium battery
Hobbywing’s latest 9028 ESC with smart on/off function customized for the Titan X, with smooth acceleration and increased power output/braking intensity
97mm PU wheel
GT: 120 mm Cloudwheels.
AT: 6” Pneumatic Wheels. The AT wheels have been changed to thicker HOTA tires for improved wear resistance.
175x50mm pneumatic wheel
165rovers wheel
29 lbs/13 kg
Maximum load: 330 lbs/150 kg
Inclines: up to 40%
Speed Modes:
Beginner Mode: 0-12.5 mph (20 km/h)
Intermediate Mode: 0-18.75 mph (30 km/h)
Expert Mode: 0-31 mph (50 km/h)
Turbo mode: 0-37 mph (60 km/h)
Warranty: 180 days

NOTE: While the Titan X comes by default with black belt covers, truck plates, and grip tape, we do offer a red version as well. If you prefer to receive these items in red, please make a note of this when you place your order.

In addition, the 2-in-1 option includes 120 mm Cloudwheels and 150 mm HOTA wheels. The Cloudwheels come in black by default, but if you prefer to receive red Cloudwheels, again,please write us a note when checking out.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Underrated 2 in 1 on the market

titan x is definitely the most underrated 2 in1 board on the market. for only $1200 bucks u get insane amount of range, good performance, good quality, good customer service, and of course unlimited amount of wheel and pulley capabilities. I also think there tkp trucks are the best tkp on the market. Absolutely love the titan x.

Underrated 2 in 1 on the market

titan x is definitely the most underrated 2 in1 board on the market. for only $1200 bucks u get insane amount of range, good performance, good quality, good customer service, and of course unlimited amount of wheel and pulley capabilities. I also think there tkp trucks are the best tkp on the market. Absolutely love the titan x.

What a machine!

I really enjoy the torque of this beast. The board is super stable and fast. Really like the forged carbon deck design. Things I would like to be improved: postprocessing of the deck (better polishing and removal of the pinholes), grip tape adhesive, controlled discharging when not in use (like Exway boards).

Craig F.
I would give 5 stars but...

Straight-up, this Titan X 2wd, 2 in 1 deserves 5 stars for both customer support and overall field-use of the board. I gave a 4 star rating based on a few technicalities. This Titan X 2wd has enough torque to be dangerous for any rider without experience. The stability while riding general outdoor paved surfaces such as sidewalks, walk/bike trails and roads, is that of cheat codes in a video game. I'll simply never crash due to speed wobble. I can't imagine how anybody has. If anybody has... The top end speed depends on your wheel type and size as well as your pulley type. The padded grip tape is incredibly comfortable. Vibrations can really only be felt on PU wheels. The integrated brake light makes every bit of difference in group rides at night. It's very noticeable and very cool looking. The board is very diy friendly and easy to disassemble. The carbon fiber finish is very professional. CONS: Loose hardware upon receipt, grip tape peeling off upon unboxing, defective pulley on first ride scheduled to be 20mi and I had to call for a ride and get picked up half way through. (Customer service sent 2 new pulleys with bearings) odometer resets after charging unless you exclusively power the board on and off via the button on the board and not the remote. Just yesterday, after 35 days of ownership and around 60 mi, my left rear cloud wheel bearing fell apart. I refuse to ride off road and cannot comment on that for review.

What a great Eskate!

I am super impressed with the Titan X! It has long range with great stability as well as carvability. Also, B-One customer service is 2nd to none. Thanks! ⚡️🛹🤙🏻


Free Tax

For the complete boards. most of the countries and areas are shipping including the import tax, like US, CA,EU countries,most of the Asia countries,ect.


The B-ONE Board comes with a 180days of warranty after purchase. We will provide this service for any damage or defects that occurred under normal usage conditions. Wearables like belts and wheels as well as purposeful damages to the board are NOT covered by the free warranty. However, you can still request a paid service that we will provide.

More details check on warranty policy


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 Note: the skateboard battery will also needs around2-3weeks for delivery

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