Adjust the Brake level on Titan 4WD remote (Could I use the remote on my other B-ONE Board?

Titan 4wd has new function--- Adjust the brake on the remote



 Here is the step ( The remote had finished the pair)

1,Turn on the remote

2,Click the speed mode button 5 times quickly 

3,Get into the setting , and choose the correct option, till get into the brake level setting. and choose the brake percentage.

4,Click the switch button to confirm your choose. 

And all done.


Note: (The other boards,other dual motor board,boards mentioned below means the Titan 2WD, Hercules carbon, Balrog bamboo )

Updated: All the hobbywing remote verisons now on the website has the brake level adjustable function from 2023


  • Only the Titan 4WD has adjust brake level option, the other dual motors do not have that function.
  • If you want that function, you could use the 4WD's remote pair to your Titan 2wd, Hercules,and Balrog. 
  • But the brake adjust on other dual motor board could not adjust stronger, could only be weaker base on the currently setting.
  • Due to the Titan 4wd has two ESCs, 4 motors, and other boards only have 1 ESC,2 motors,so base that to compare, the remote for the dual motor the brake is like 200%, the brake level setting around 50% is what the currently boards have now. If want to adjust the brake, could only adjust under 50%