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Hercules Carbon Electric Skateboard (Up to 70km range)

Hercules Carbon Electric Skateboard (Up to 70km range)

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  B-ONE Hercules Carbon Electric Skateboard

B-one Hercules Carbon

Power. Strength. Agility. Say “hello” to Hercules: the board that buries all obstacles in its path. The B-One Hercules doesn’t let anything get in its way with its muscular 2100W belt motors, beefy all-terrain tires, and a powerful 19.2Ah 12S4P 21700 lithium cell battery that will drive you through whatever terrain you wish to conquer. Its deck is made of high-quality, genuine carbon fiber to provide rigid stability for high-speed adventures while also being light in weight, and the double kingpin trucks let you get carvy when you feel like cutting up some asphalt.


Double Kingpin Truck

The B-ONE Hercules Carbon is our only board that uses double kingpin trucks, so if you're looking for maximum maneuverability, look no further. DKP trucks are designed to allow for quick, sharp turns, so carving and agility runs come naturally for the Hercules.

Upgraded Hobbywing ESC & Remote

We installed the latest Hobbywing ESC in the Hercules for quick, smooth acceleration and a lightning-fast response. The controller generates less heat, rendering damage from overheating extremely unlikely. When paired with Hobbywing’s ergonomic remote with 4 speed modes, a strong 2.4G wireless connection, and an OLED display, our Hercules will turn on/off automatically when you power up/down the remote.

Complete Carbon Fiber Deck

When riding the B-ONE Hercules Carbon, you’ll be standing on and supported by the highest grade carbon fiber because your safety is our primary concern. In addition to being strong and light, we’ve also integrated a ‘heat sink’ design to distribute and dissipate heat from electrical components. Our Hercules is strong AND smart.



Deck: 39”/1010 mm of highest-grade carbon fiber in a matte black finish; concave for a more comfortable ride.

Battery: Panasonic NCR21700T 19.2AH 12S4P lithium battery

Motors: Dual (2) 6368 2100W 170Kv belt motors

ESC: Hobbywing’s latest ESC with smart on/off function, smooth acceleration, and increased power output/braking intensity

Remote: Ergonomic Hobbywing remote with 4 speed modes, a strong 2.4G wireless signal, and an OLED display

Brake Light: Top-mounted LED

Braking: Regenerative braking

Trucks: 12”/306 mm-wide Forged Double Kingpin (DKP)

AT: 175 mm Pneumatic Wheels
GT: 120 mm Coudwheels
Suitable Terrain: Any terrain: short grass, dirt tracks, roads, & footpaths

Bearings: Ceramic Bearings (water & dustproof)

Recharge: 4-5 hours with 5A charger

Top Speed: 28 mph/45 km/h

AT: Up to 31 miles/50 km
GT: Up to 43 miles/70 km
*As tested by a 75 kg rider accelerating at a constant speed of ~30 km/h on level terrain.

Weight: 29 lbs/13 kg

Max Load: 330 lbs/150 kg

Power Slides: Yes

Inclines: Up to 35%

WARRANTY: 180 days


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
noal k.
Best board out

I'm a bigger guy at 260lbs and this board shreds with me on it. I have a couple other boards and they don't compare to the comfort I get on it. The customer service is awesome. Fast responses for all my questions and orders. If you buy anything else your doing it wrong.

Charleston G.
It's Got Lots Of Range!

This is my 4th eskate and so far it beats all the others on range. The 12S4P 21700 cells pack a lot of watt-hours, I have not charged the board since it arrived, rode 25KM today and still have not lost 1 bar. Shipping took 2 months to arrive in Canada but was expected, the board arrived intact. I think this board looks better than all the other B-One boards currently on sale, its not the fastest or most aggressive acceleration but I think it's a great value for the money. Not a huge fan of the AT wheels, I got the 150mm hota tires, they are grippy but I'm not used to riding this high off the ground on the streets so switched to 120mm cloud wheels, they are perfect!!

Amazing board!! But had an issue.

I Will start off by saying I absolutely love this board! The speed is great. Hill climbing ability top-notch with superb range. But at only 35 miles on the board with the cloudwheels my drive bearings and wheels bearings on my back right wheel fall apart causing a dangerous abrupt stop. Also forcing me to walk 8 miles with a 30lb board. I had now replaced these faulty items with 2nd hand parts. Other than this love the product and brand.

Ferenc T.
Great Value, Superbe Service, Heaps of Fun

Right off the bat I must say this board is insane value in its category. Shipping took slightly longer than advertised but I live in New Zealdnd, at the end of supply chains, so this was expected. Unfortuanately the board arrived faulty and would not charge. Support was easy to reach and Gerald was quick to answer and help work the problem out. After a month of trials and new parts we finally got the baord working and its insane! The top speed is almost 50Km/h, but stays stable. The range is also a solid 40-45km on the 6in wheels even when I'm riding rough in cold-ish weather (15C). The motors barely heat up even on long inclines, and the battery is quite good, even thought the acceleration is rather limited even in speed mode 4, the board can easily power up steep hills at 15-20Km/h where my onewheel would struggle. Some shortcomings of the board are plastic pulleys for the wheels, I was expecting metal, a few loose screws holding the enclosure plate, but unless you need this to be watertight (and it isn't) thats not a big issue, and also its impossible to fit the carry handle to the rear withought modification due to the brake light. Also the battery indicator rather quickly jumps from two bars to 20% and then super quick to 10%, abttery sag only sets in around 10% aswell. The biggest positive in my opinion is the included headlight, it may seem like a small gimic, but let me tell you that thing is amazing. Super bright, and the battery lasts 4 hours in my experience, thats ages. The remore charge lasts rather long aswell, only requering a charge very 3rd or 4th board charge. Ive done 300km on the board so far and it seems to be doign great. No offroading jsut yet, but I think it will be able to handle light trails.
Final thoughts: This thing is insane value, I'd even say its better than a Hadean in value. Only time will tell if this Hercules is worth the money. I'd give 5 stars but the board not charging for a month pains.

Erik E.
Havent got the board yet, 25/5 its 2 months from order.

Havent got the board yet, 25/5 its 2 months from order.


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