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Underrated 2 in 1 on the market

titan x is definitely the most underrated 2 in1 board on the market. for only $1200 bucks u get insane amount of range, good performance, good quality, good customer service, and of course unlimited amount of wheel and pulley capabilities. I also think there tkp trucks are the best tkp on the market. Absolutely love the titan x.

Underrated 2 in 1 on the market

titan x is definitely the most underrated 2 in1 board on the market. for only $1200 bucks u get insane amount of range, good performance, good quality, good customer service, and of course unlimited amount of wheel and pulley capabilities. I also think there tkp trucks are the best tkp on the market. Absolutely love the titan x.

Truck plate
John P.
100% on my drop threws!

Seems to be doing the trick.

Totally Improved Ride Quality

I bought my Titan X a year ago and I ordered it with the 165mm wheels. Those worked well but after 1000 miles I wanted to try something different so I ordered the 120mm Clouds. Wow! So happy that I did. It improved the ride quality by a lot. It also lowered the ride which I found out makes the board way more stable. Full disclosure... I also changed out the stock bushings with some Riptide's and that made a HUGE difference as well. I've had the chance to ride about 10 different popular boards and the Titan X with the new 120mm setup is the nicest riding board I've ever been on. Oh... by the way, I went with the 40t pulley and it increased the top end a little bit. I have a GPS recorded 42.3mph top end! This board is a BEAST!!!

Love it

High quality products awesome price. Better than I expected. Thanks for the fast shipping.

Handles Hills Like a Pro

The B-ONE Titan Bamboo Electric Skateboard excels at climbing hills. The powerful motors and wide TKP truck provide excellent stability and performance on inclines. Highly recommend for hilly terrains!

Perfect for Beginners and Entry-Level Riders

The Falcon Electric Skateboard is perfect for those new to electric skateboards. Its smooth braking and acceleration, thanks to the custom LY ESC with sensors, make it easy to ride. Highly recommend for beginners!

Smooth and Powerful Acceleration

The acceleration on this board is both smooth and powerful. It’s perfect for city commuting and weekend adventures alike. Highly recommend for its performance and versatility

Incredible Speed and Smooth Ride!

The B-ONE Titan Bamboo Electric Skateboard offers an exhilarating experience with its impressive top speed and smooth ride. The dual belt 6384 motor provides powerful acceleration, and the bamboo deck ensures a comfortable journey. Highly recommend for thrill-seekers!

This B-one Balrog Direct Drive has been amazing

I have had this board for around 2 months now and I have enjoyed every ride, Smooth acceleration, but you can still feel it in 4th gear full throttle, smooth braking that's strong when you need it to be, so at full brake it will come to skidding stop which I appreciate. The trucks are awesome, the way they put them together feels great, it has a reliable return to center when carving, and I've been able to comfortably cruise up to 40-45kph before more than a casual stance was required to prevent a speed wobble. The board itself has the perfect amount of flex and concave for my feet, and has made a real difference riding on the rougher roads, I'm 5'11, 167lbs, size 11-12 shoes. So if you're close to that you'll have a great time with the board, haven't had a chance to do a full range test, but living in a small town it has ample range, more than I need. My one and only "con" if you could call it that is how heavy the board is for carrying it around, I know that comes with the territory but I do find myself wishing I had ordered a handle with the board, more so a personal gripe with myself for not grabbing one. I do appreciate that there is no grip tape in the center though, as it saves your clothing a bit when you are carrying it up against your side. So all in all I have no real complaints about this board, 2 months in and I havent yet had to reapply any loctite to any of the screws, habit has me checking between rides so when tightening I have noticed next to no movement. Everything about it has been a positive experience, right up to the very first questions I had for customer service when I was getting ready to buy the board, They were extremely responsive never taking any longer than 12 hours to reply despite being on the other side of the planet from Canada. So if you are looking for a reliable Direct Drive board with great customer service behind it, These guys have my vote. 5 Stars %100


Super motor 👍👍👍

What a machine!

I really enjoy the torque of this beast. The board is super stable and fast. Really like the forged carbon deck design. Things I would like to be improved: postprocessing of the deck (better polishing and removal of the pinholes), grip tape adhesive, controlled discharging when not in use (like Exway boards).

Excellent mais

Excellente planche

Les points fort :

Excellent carving
Super silencieuse
Autonomie au top
Très bonne accélération
Freinage super smooth mais efficace

Les point faibles :

Très mauvais remote, aucune configuration possible
Impossible de voir l'état des cellules de la planche
Pas d'application mobile
L'écran se trouve dans la paume de la main impossible de voir a combien on roule
Le boutton de changement de mode de vitesse gère aussi la marche arrière, 1 clic change le mode, deux clics change le sens des moteurs, je vous laisse imaginer quand vous voulez rapidement passer du mode 2 a 4 ...


Excellent raport qualité


They look good but unfortunately can’t try then out as we are still waiting on the skateboard to arrive . It is still on the ship but we have heard that finally it has docked in Auckland . So maybe soon we might get to try the board and the wheels .

Jeremy H.
Replacement bushings

Got some replacement bushings. Round, black, much like the old ones. They seem to work well. Quick delivery for China to NZ. A little over a week

Titan 4 WD

Excellent Board with high Power . Drive it with 200 Offroad Tires . Better than my Exway Pro !!

DKP trucks

Carving with DKP trucks is much deeper and smoother turns than standard trucks.. speed wobbles are the only issue . If you are a speed demon stick with standard trucks

TKP Baseplate

Brought a replacement as I snapped my rear kingpin. This is probably inevitable as I have been doing serious offroad more suited to a mountainboard. Good gear at a good price (with good customer service).

Top 👍

Super sensation 👍
Vraiment comptant de mon achat 👌

Awesome board

a GREAT VALUE. perfect mixture of carve, stability, power and range. all under $900 . and its even better with street wheels!

I would give 5 stars but...

Straight-up, this Titan X 2wd, 2 in 1 deserves 5 stars for both customer support and overall field-use of the board. I gave a 4 star rating based on a few technicalities. This Titan X 2wd has enough torque to be dangerous for any rider without experience. The stability while riding general outdoor paved surfaces such as sidewalks, walk/bike trails and roads, is that of cheat codes in a video game. I'll simply never crash due to speed wobble. I can't imagine how anybody has. If anybody has... The top end speed depends on your wheel type and size as well as your pulley type. The padded grip tape is incredibly comfortable. Vibrations can really only be felt on PU wheels. The integrated brake light makes every bit of difference in group rides at night. It's very noticeable and very cool looking. The board is very diy friendly and easy to disassemble. The carbon fiber finish is very professional. CONS: Loose hardware upon receipt, grip tape peeling off upon unboxing, defective pulley on first ride scheduled to be 20mi and I had to call for a ride and get picked up half way through. (Customer service sent 2 new pulleys with bearings) odometer resets after charging unless you exclusively power the board on and off via the button on the board and not the remote. Just yesterday, after 35 days of ownership and around 60 mi, my left rear cloud wheel bearing fell apart. I refuse to ride off road and cannot comment on that for review.

ESC replacement after 1000 Km

After about 1000 km of good service from the ESC, one of the motors was no longer controlled correctly. At first I suspected the plug connection between the motor and ESC as the cause (since they were carbonized because the current transmitted, was probably to high for the plugs), but the electronic was defective. Until now the ESC was only glued in, no screws to hold it in place and ensure good contact with the heat sink. Overheating and vibrations probably caused the defect, based on the defect described above. The new ESC was delivered to me with a mounting plate, which now ensures a mechanical screw connection between the ESC, board and heat sink. A good thing, but unfortunately the mounting holes on the new plate are inaccurate, with threads that are too small and not deep enough. So some work on my part was necessary, which somewhat dampened my joy about the new mounting plate.

Conclusion: The ESC itself is really good (except for the motor connector, which is too weak in terms of current), the new attachment (mounting plate) to the board is still a tinker/patch. Please correct that! The first few trips went well, no problems. But I can only really check this if I open the lid from above, i.e. remove the griptape (which is then no longer usable). Let's hope everything is still on place regarding ESC mounting, when I replaced my worn out grip tape. Keep the fingers crossed!

Parts list for an ESC replacement:
- ESC mounting plate with screws (if not already present) - New heat sink (which also contains power button and charging port) with threaded holes to mount the mounting plate
- Heat conductive mat between mounting plate and ESC
- Thermal paste between mounting plate and heatsink
- Screws for heat sinks
- New grip tape
- Sealing material to seal ESC motor cables (which are routed to the outside).
- Cable ties for motor cable routing

Belt cover (2pcs)
Michael K.
Belt cover


Bash Guard Kit
Michael K.
Bash Guard Kit.

Restored board to new. Great having the kits available.

What a great Eskate!

I am super impressed with the Titan X! It has long range with great stability as well as carvability. Also, B-One customer service is 2nd to none. Thanks! ⚡️🛹🤙🏻