Warranty & Cancel & Return Policy

Limited Warranty – Your electric skateboards are covered by a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty. Damage as a result of abuse, misuse, neglect, negligence, accident or exposure to water is not covered. Modification of components and/or tampering with the electronics voids the warranty.  Items like wheels, belts, grip tapes and bearings, are excluded from warranty and are available for purchase through our website.

What is the cancel & refund policy?

You can get a refund within 1~3 business days, if you cancel the order before we ship it out. Also the cancel will cost some commission charges from PayPal , the fee is 4.4%. For example ,your order total$1000, then the fee is $1000*4.4%=$44, then we will refund you $1000-$44=$956. This is not charged by us ,it is charged by the PayPal.

Once the board is shipped out if there is any issue with the product you received. Please contact us for customer service and we will solve your problem in the shortest time. In this case, please offer us the detailed pictures and videos so that our customer service team can transfer it to our engineering team and fix the problems as quickly as we can. Thanks!


Returning orders after delivery – Not Wanted

1. Generally, we do not accept returns. If you encounter any product problems, please contact the after-sales department via email after-sale@boneeboard.com , we will try our best to find a solution for you.

2. After delivery, we do not provide refunds. If your skateboard / parts order has been shipped , we will not be able to cancel the order for you, because after the order is forwarded to the logistics company, we will not be able to operate and cannot intercept the product.
If your skateboard order has not been shipped , we allow you to cancel the order. To cancel an order, please send an email to our customer service department after-sale@boneeboard.com to check the status of your order. If the order is successfully cancelled, we will refund your order within 3 workdays.

3. If you have used the product and regarded it as "used", we will not provide any refund.

4. If the product you ordered is artificially damaged or modified, we will not provide any refund.

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