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120mm Cloudwheel Kits

Prix habituel $150.00 USD
Prix habituel Prix soldé $150.00 USD
  • It will bring you higher speed and more comfortable riding experience if mounting Cloudwheel to your bamboo at & carbon  e-board,so you can enjoy it even more.
  • Pulley- high strength and durability injection moulded.
  • Patented Damping Foam Core Technology - The Cloud Wheel with the damping foam core filters out most of the vibrations than the regular wheel.
  • Diameter 120mm - all terrain off road electric skateboard longboard wheels,it can go anywhere you want.
  • Products inculde:1 set of pulley conversition kit and 4 pcs cloudwheel.

Compatible with Carbon AT and Bamboo AT Series boards.

What's in the Boxes? 


4 Pcs x Cloudwheels black

2 Pcs x Drive Gears of Plastic

2 Set x Drive Belts (4 Pcs)

4 Pcs x Bearings assembly in the Gears.

8 Pcs x 608 Bearings assembly in the wheels