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Titan 4WD - Up to 40miles range - US warehouse

Titan 4WD - Up to 40miles range - US warehouse

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 B-ONE TITAN Carbon 4WD Electric Skateboard

The 2022 TITAN 4WD is the four-wheel drive version of our Titan X, made for those who crave the greatest raw power and adrenaline-pumping performance! Climb the steepest hills with ease and comfort, and carve your own off-road paths with the strength of four (4!) 2100W belt-driven motors coupled with huge wheel options ranging from 120 mm to 175 mm ( could exchange to other kinds of wheels). And if it's torque that you desire...prepare to be satiated!

Our new Titan 4WD comes equipped with Hobbywing’s new 9028 ESC, which provides a continuous high discharge rate with its large-capacity LG M50LT 13S4P battery. With an output of 936Wh, youll experience greater power and braking ability along with a longer cruising range. The ergonomically designed remote includes adjustable brakes to dial in the perfect amount of pressure for your preferred riding style. With an improved drop-down carbon fiber deck, stronger CKP / TKP trucks, and more wear-resistant pneumatic tires and Rovers 165 wheel, the Titan 4WD is more comfortable and durable so you can enjoy your board for longer, without the need to replace wear-and-tear items so quickly. And because we believe our customers deserve more, we include a handle for easy transport and a remote control cover for better protection at no additional charge

B-ONE TITAN Carbon 4WD Electric Skateboard

TITAN Carbon 4WD--Fast accelerate and powerful climbing 

Forged Carbon Fiber Deck

The Titan 4WD has a premium forged, textured carbon fiber deck with a refined concave that grips your feet so you feel firmly planted as you ride. The aerodynamic drop-down nose reduces inertia and directs the wind downward, which helps to keep you connected with the road. A wider platform accommodates all shoe sizes, so even longer rides should not cause foot discomfort.



4WD Motors

The four 2100W 170kv belt motors propel the Titan 4WD quickly while providing extraordinary hill-climbing and off-road capabilities. Whichever wheels you choose, the oversized tires absorb all road vibrations so you shouldn’t suffer from foot-fatigue even when riding for an extended period of time.


Conventional Single Kingpin Trucks / TKP Truck

The TITAN 4WD features CNC machined CKP / TKP trucks with a robust and durable design, allowing you to maintain stability even at higher speeds.

Tail light

The rear light functions as both a tail light to make yourself visible to others during night rides as well as a flashing brake light to let those behind you know that you are slowing down. Control it from the remote and can ride into the sunset uninterrupted

Motor Guards

We installed durable motor guards on both sides of the TITAN 4WD to protect all four motors from unanticipated damage.


ESC and Remote

With two of Hobbywing’s newest ESCs controlled by one remote, you can easily switch from 2WD to 4WD with ease and enjoy smooth, immediate acceleration in either configuration.


LG M50LT Battery


LG is one of the most well-known battery manufacturers in the world, and the M50LT is the best high-capacity, high-discharge battery utilizing 21700 cells. With a 15 amp continuous discharge and a 5000mAh capacity, you will arrive at your most distant destination faster than the competition–and with over 500 charging cycles, you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. We use 52 LG M50LT battery cells in the Titan 4WD arranged in a 13S4P configuration, which delivers a hugely powerful output delivered to all four motors and eliminates all voltage sag so you can maintain a high speed until YOU decide when your ride is over.

Discharge rate is much more powerful. could support 4 motors running.



Deck: Forged carbon fiber measuring 39.7” x 13” x 6” (101 cm x 32 cm x 15 cm); concave for a more comfortable ride.

Battery: LG 21700 M50LT 13S4P 20Ah 939Wh lithium battery

Motors: Four (4) 6368 170Kv 2100W belt motors

ESC: Hobbywing’s newest ESC with smart on/off function, customized for the TITAN 4WD.

Remote: Ergonomic Hobbywing with 4 speed modes and a reliable 2.4G wireless connection.

Tail light: The tail light is integrated into the motor shield and can be used as a brake light: when the brake is remotely controlled, the light will flash. At night, the always-on mode can be remotely engaged.

Trucks: Forged 12”/306 mm-wide hangars with a CKP baseplate, providing you with the agility to carve as well as the stability for high speed riding, depending on your mood.

GT: 120 mm Cloudwheels;
AT : 7” Pneumatic Wheels;
165 mm Rovers Wheels
(The 2-in-1 option includes both AT & GT wheels.)

Top Speed: 31 mph/50 km/h (up to 37 mph/60 km/h in turbo mode)

Up to 40.3 miles/65 km with GT wheels
Up to 24.8 miles/40 km with AT wheels
Up to 31 miles/50 km with 165mm Rovers wheels
(*As tested by a 75 kg rider accelerating at a constant speed of ~30km/h.)

Max Load: 330 lbs/150 kg

Charging: 4-5 hours with 5A charger

Speed Modes:
Beginner Mode: 0-12.5 mph (20 km/h)
Intermediate Mode: 0-18.75 mph (30 km/h)
Expert Mode: 0-31 mph (50 km/h)
Turbo Mode: 0-37 mph (60 km/h)

Inclines: Up to 50%

Suitable Terrain: Any terrain: short grass, dirt tracks, roads & footpaths

Braking: Regenerative braking

Weight: 35 lbs/16 kg

Warranty: 180 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Titan 4 WD

Excellent Board with high Power . Drive it with 200 Offroad Tires . Better than my Exway Pro !!

nikolas w.
Love this board

I get it to go around 40mph it last around 20 miles on one charge with the off road weels i am like 270lbs and it can go up a 40% grade hill still going around 30 to 35 mph it is sooo much fun i highly suggest it and the support team is amazing to answer any questions fast and effectivly

Marco R.

Really nice and fast electric skateboard can’t stop riding and with 4 motor’s it’ a monster of a board

Alexandros S.

B-ONE TITAN Carbon 4WD Electric Skateboard

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The B-ONE Board comes with a 180days of warranty after purchase. We will provide this service for any damage or defects that occurred under normal usage conditions. Wearables like belts and wheels as well as purposeful damages to the board are NOT covered by the free warranty. However, you can still request a paid service that we will provide.

More details check on warranty policy


Shipping Countries and Shipping Time

We have three modes of transportation: sea, air, and rail.

Accessories normally ship by air, takes 5-18days for delivey.

 Note: the skateboard battery will also needs around2-3weeks for delivery

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US warehouse 3-11days


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Air shipping 15-25days from China

Sea / train shipping 35-65days from China

Asia - Japan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan China, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kazakhstan

10-15 days

Australia - Australia

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Sea shipping 35-55daysfrom China

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