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120mm Cloudwheel Kits

120mm Cloudwheel Kits

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  • It will bring you higher speed and more comfortable riding experience if mounting Cloudwheel to your bamboo at & carbon  e-board,so you can enjoy it even more.
  • Pulley- high strength and durability injection moulded.
  • Patented Damping Foam Core Technology - The Cloud Wheel with the damping foam core filters out most of the vibrations than the regular wheel.
  • Diameter 120mm - all terrain off road electric skateboard longboard wheels,it can go anywhere you want.
  • Products inculde:1 set of pulley conversition kit and 4 pcs cloudwheel.

Compatible with Titan 2wd, Titan X ,Titan 4wd and Balrog Bamboo,Hercules carbon Series boards.

and Titan 4wd needs extra 1pair 40T pulley

 Pulley(44T), Belt 300mm

Titan 2wd, Titan X,Balrog

Titan 4wd(need 2 pairs pulley)

Pulley(44T), Belt 290mm


Hercules carbon
Pulley(40T), Belt 270mm / 275mm Hercules carbon
Pulley(40T), Belt 290mm / 285mm

Titan 2wd, Titan X,Balrog,

Titan 4wd(need 2 pairs pulley)


Note :If you are going to use for your Hercules carbon, the belt need to change to 290mm, you could write us a note in your cart 

if you are going to use for the 44T pulley, (Titan 2wd, Titan X, Titan 4wd,Balrog), the belt need to change to 300mm. you could write us a note in your cart 

What's in the Boxes? 

  • For 2WD belt boards

4 Pcs x Cloudwheels black or red

2 Pcs x Drive Gears of Plastic Pulley

2 pcs x Drive Belts

Bearings assembly in the Gears / wheels.

  • For 4WD belt boards

4 Pcs x Cloudwheels black or red

4 Pcs x Drive Gears of Plastic Pulley

4 pcs x Drive Belts

Bearings assembly in the Gears / wheels.


Exclusive Patent DFC Damping Technology

CLOUDWHEEL has an exclusive patented DFC damping technology, which can filter most of the vibration compared with the traditional PU wheel.

This is a major innovation in the history of skateboarding wheel.

More Shock Absorption

CLOUDWHEEL vs. Ordinary Fetal Skin

Longer Range

Reduce mileage loss caused by too soft traditional rubber wheel and inflation wheel during riding. CLOUDWHEEL offers a great shock absorption experience and a longer range of miles. Compared with the inflatable wheel, it can increase the mileage by up to 80% of the range.


Bigger and Faster

105mm & 120mm

40% bigger than normal PU wheels, making your ride unobstructed, the spokes in the core of discovery version is thicker.


Curved Wheel And Unique Tread

The curved tread design makes the skateboard effectively increase the grip and anti-skid force of the wheel in the case of high-speed sliding.

Increase Speed

120mm diameter increases the maximum speed of your ride by 3mph.

All Terrain Wheel

Not only applicable to general urban roads, but also to conquer bumpy roads, potholes and turfs.

Not Afraid of Puncture

Safer than all-terrain pneumatic tires, not afraid of puncture, air leakage, or flat tires.

Light Weight

Cloud wheels have a lower density and can float on the water, reducing torque consumption when starting electric skateboards compared to wheels of the same size.

Better Wheel Core

Cloudwheel Discovery has thicker spokes of wheel core, which is different from original ABEC wheel core. It is made of a high-strength composite material for better impact resistance.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John D.
Totally Improved Ride Quality

I bought my Titan X a year ago and I ordered it with the 165mm wheels. Those worked well but after 1000 miles I wanted to try something different so I ordered the 120mm Clouds. Wow! So happy that I did. It improved the ride quality by a lot. It also lowered the ride which I found out makes the board way more stable. Full disclosure... I also changed out the stock bushings with some Riptide's and that made a HUGE difference as well. I've had the chance to ride about 10 different popular boards and the Titan X with the new 120mm setup is the nicest riding board I've ever been on. Oh... by the way, I went with the 40t pulley and it increased the top end a little bit. I have a GPS recorded 42.3mph top end! This board is a BEAST!!!

William T.
Very fast sending

The page came very fast and very nice wheels. thanks B1

Scott S.
120mm Cloudwheels kit is good!

Ordered the 120 cloudwheels kit from B-One & I have to say the pkg comes complete. Nothing missing & everything looks new.

The only fly in the ointment is that I got charged by Fedex for 'customs clearing' fee' of ~$15. I hope B-One either change their shipping method or find a better courier co. On the good, the pkg did arrive in good time.

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