How to setup the remote if want to change to other wheels

B-ONE Electric skateboard,Hercules Carbon,Balrog Bamboo,Titan Carbon 2WD,Titan Carbon 4WD, all have 2 in 1 option.If you order the 2 in 1 optipn,Our standard is assemble the AT wheel on the board and put the GT wheels in the package(if want to assemble the GT wheel, could write us a note in the cart).

After receive the board,how to setup the remote if want to change to other wheel?

Here is the steps:

1, Re-repair the remote 

  How to pair the remote 

2, Then it will get into the setting mode

3, And rolling the throttle to choose the correct option,one press the switch button(confirm) to get into next option.

 The option is board type (choose 9028), speed,mileage unit, motor type,wheel diameter,drive ratio,motor pole ratio.

 About the drive ratio and the motor pole ratio, it is different for different wheels, here is the details

For Belt Drive Motor Board
Wheel size Pulley Drive ratio Motor pole ratio
97mm PU wheel 40T 2.7 7
100mm Boa wheel 40T 2.7 7
120mm cloudwheel  44T 2.9 7
120mm cloudwheel  40T 2.7 7
150mm wheel (6inch) 60T 4.0 7
150mm wheel Hota (6inch) 58T 3.9 7
165mm Rovers wheel 60T 4.0 7
175mm wheel (7inch) 66T 4.4 7
For Direct Drive/ Hub Drive Motor Board
\ \ \ 10


4, All above done,then all the setup is done.